Rover Hybrids specializes in custom building and modifying of Land Rover and other four wheel drive vehicles.cordis hotel auckland From lift kits to custom link
suspensions, from engine performance bolt-ons to diesel engine swaps, Rover Hybrids has the expertise to prepare your vehicle for an  
expedition adventure or rock crawling competition.  Rover Hybrids also specializes in converting diesel engines to run on Straight Vegetable
SVO Conversion Systems!
If you are looking to convert your diesel powered vehicle with the best system available you've come to
the right place!  Rover Hybrids complete conversion systems are the best systems ever released and
offer the heat you need for winter!  A manually operated system with built in automated  temperature
sensing to assure you are always running hot WVO.
Rover Hybrids Shop Truck
2004.5 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Common Rail Cummins Turbo Diesel engine converted to run on
Waste Vegetable oil.  The conversion included adding a new 38 gallon fuel tank, HotStick heated fuel
pickup, heated braided fuel lines, FASS fuel pumps,
and more...
What's New:
FASS Fuel Systems for WVO/SVO!
Now available are the FASS Fuel systems with filters and the HPFP Fuel pumps.  Rover Hybrids
together with Diesel Performance Products have developed the powerful FASS systems and pumps
for use with Vegetable Oil based fuels.
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4BT Cummins Diesel Engine Swap
Rover Hybrids is modifying this NAS D90 for Holt Webb of
It's getting a 4cyl Cummins diesel, NV4500 transmission, a affiliate WVO conversion including custom
aluminum side fuel tank for VO, rock sliders, upgraded suspension and more.....
NAS D90 Roll Over Rebuild
This D90 had a slight mishap in Moab.  Now it is getting rebuilt in Conniston green.  The 300tdi is
getting freshened up with a new timing belt and a larger custom intercooler.  Some Rover Hybrids rock
sliders and a reinforced roll cage for just in case!