For Sale
Used parts for sale
1989 Range Rover. ~150K miles.  Not running.  No transfercase.  Newer radiator, water
pump.  EE stainless braided brake lines. Vented front rotors. $500
Quanity 5 Nato wheels with Quan 6 Super Swamper Q78 tires(~35.5") $750
NRP Stainless exhaust system. $400
LT230 with mounts and shifter $450.  
150k mile good 3.9 $300.  
85k mile 3.9  $1200.
KTM Parts for sale.
FMF Titanium silencer.  Very good
cond.  $250obo
48T steel sprocket.  new take off $20
14t new counter sprocket $10
Scotts triple Clapms for 43mm forks.  
years 2000-2002  $125.
FMF Carbon silencer.  Very good
condition.  $260