Straight Vegetable Oil Conversions
Rover Hybrids can convert any diesel powered vehicle.  We specialize in the highest
quality conversions and can design a system for your vehicle's needs..  By using
vegetable oil as an alternative for diesel fuel, you can get free fuel while reducing
emissions into the air and recycling what would otherwise be a waste product.  
Restaurants all across the nation pay to have their used cooking oil disposed.  You can
turn that waste oil into fuel for your diesel vehicle by having a Straight Vegetable Oil
alternative fuel conversion system installed by Rover Hybrids.  We strive to use the
highest quality components for the most reliable systems.

Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) or Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) alone is too viscous to run in
diesel engines.  However, by adding a heated fuel system to reduce the viscosity and
raise the temperature of the vegetable oil, a diesel engine will operate  within 3-8% as
efficiently in terms of fuel mileage and horsepower using this alternative fuel source.   
After the installation of an SVO system, your vehicle will be able to run on either diesel
fuel or SVO/WVO.
Rover Hybrids installed systems start at $2995 for a two tank systems with a custom
SVO tank.
We also trouble shoot, repair and upgrade other vegetable oil systems.
Straight Vegetable Oil Conversions Installations