FASS Fuel Systems with filters  
FASS systems for SVO/WVO!  Rover Hybrids together with Diesel Performance Products
www.dieselpp.com) has developed the powerful FASS systems and pumps for use with Vegetable Oil
based fuels. Using the 23 AMP motor from their extreme performance diesel systems(200 GPH)
coupled together with their high performance diesel gerotor type pump(95 GPH) we have created the
best pump ever for  SVO/WVO. Backed by a  2 year warranty with WVO/SVO!  We also carry the full
line of FASS systems for use with diesel and biodiesel!
FASS HPFP Fuel Pumps
FASS HPFP fuel pumps for use with Vegetable Oil.  This is the same pump and motor
assembly that comes on the FASS system with filters.  Available with pressures from
12-130psi.  Use this pump to upgrade your existing VO system when you already have a
filtering system or when choosing components for your custom VO system.  We also carry
the full line of diesel or biodiesel pumps to upgrade your weak stock pump for reliability
and performance.
SVO Components
If you are looking to convert your diesel powered vehicle with the best system available you've come to the
right place!  Rover Hybrids complete conversion systems are the best systems ever released and offer the heat
you need for winter!  A manually operated system with built in automated  temperature sensing to assure you
are always running hot WVO. The heart of the Rover Hybrids system is the FASS fuel system.  But we didn't
stop there.  Every aspect has been covered for the best SVO/WVO conversion system, with the best
components.  All the components are available individually too for the DIY'er and those looking to upgrade the
system they are ready have.
Fuel Selector Valves
Through testing Rover Hybrids has selected these Hydraforce 3-port
valves for their flow capacity when used on full size pickups with up to
500HP!.  Viton seals. Specify fitting size when ordering  $99 ea.
-6 ORB(3/8")
or -8 ORB(1/2")
Rover Hybrids Straight Vegetable Oil Conversion Systems and Kits
Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers are the key component to heating VO for proper
combustion temperatures.  We  carry an assortment of sizes and
designs to meet every systems requirements.
Delay Timer Controllers
Add a Delay Timer to control your Fuel Selector valves to prevent cross
contamination of your diesel fuel.
In Tank Heat Exchangers
Add a HotFox coolant heated fuel pickup to your VO tank.  Heats the VO just
where you need it, around the fuel pickup and on it's way out of the tank.  
2003-2007 Dodge Common Rail SVO/WVO Conversion system
Get yourself the Complete Rover hybrids system designed for the Dodge Cummins Common Rail
engine.  Or if you are more of a knowledgeable DIY'er get the basics for a better value!
1999-2003 Ford Powerstroke System
Rover Hybrids has specific systems for Ford 7.3 Powerstroke.
Isspro brand Gauges
We carry the full line of Isspro gauges.  Fuel level, fuel pressure, EGT, Boost and
more.  Keep your vehicles systems in check.
Isspro Ultimate Fuel Senders
We have Isspro fuel senders for reliable performance and easy installation.
1998.5-2002 Dodge 24 valve SVO/WVO Conversion system
Get yourself the Complete Rover Hybrids system designed for the Dodge Cummins 24 valve
engine.  Complete system or just the main components.
Custom Aluminum Fuel Tanks
Don't waste your precious bed space!  Get a Rover Hybrids designed tank for your
pickup. Have special needs?  No problem, custom tanks can be made to order.
2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke System
Rover Hybrids has specific systems for Ford 6.0 Powerstroke
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