Land Rover NAS D90 Rebuild
Here we are at the
beginning after a little
mishap in Moab, Utah.
Not a straight panel left.
The factory roll cage proved
itself invaluable, even as a
one time use.
Tub after a few coats of
epoxy primer and some
We got a "new" tub from the
hi-cap pickup project.
Owner sourced some used
parts for the rebuild
And more sanding
New wings with a few coats
of epoxy primer
Resprayed in Conniston
The 300tdi is looking a bit
Port matching the intake
Timing belt needs to be
Replaced clutch with new
D130 heavy duty clutch.
Resurfaced flywheel to go
with the new clutch.
Custom larger intercooler to
cool the added boost!
The completed engine
Almost finished.  Notice
gussets added to A-pillar of
roll cage.
Rover Hybrids Rock Sliders.
Rover Hybrids Rock Sliders,
another angle.
The A-pillar post inside the
wings were boxed and
gusseted to help prevent
them from folding as before.
Another angle.
Added a side plate to the
mounts of the Shipman
front winch bumper to
triangulate the mounting
points and prevent the
bumper from rocking back
and forth on the 2 factory
Intercooler mount
Close up of roll cage gussets.
Another completed Rover
Hybrids project.