2004 DODGE RAM 2500
*System has some upgrades not yet shown.* page needs update.
IInstallation starts with a
custom made 38 gallon bed
mounted tank for SVO.  The
tank only takes up 7 inches of
bed space.  All the hose
connections along with the Hot
Stik heat exchanger are
"under cover" on the drivers
side of the tank.
Next part is to install a
dedicated pump and filter unit
for SVO.  For this application a
F.A.S.S. was chosen for it's
excellent pump and filter
abilities including two stage
filtering with a water separator
and built in ports for coolant
In order to keep the F.A.S.S.
mounted up high in the
fenderwell a custom bracket
was fabricated.
In order to gain the most
space the filler tube was cut
apart and rewelded.  Photo is
of stock filler with brace
Photo of filler cut apart.
Here is the newly welded filler
Here is the installed modified
filler tube and custom
F.A.S.S.mounting bracket.
Final install of F.A.S.S. pump
complete with stainless steel
braided hoses.  A sharp eye
might notice the custom filter
jacket on the final filter side for
additional heating.
For redundancy, extra
durablity and the possiblity of
running SVO in the stock
diesel tank another F.A.S.S.
was installed on the
passenger side fenderwell.  
This gives added security for
running SVO blends as well as
better diesel performance.
As seen from the side the
F.A.S.S. is completely out of
view.(Now I just need some
fenderwell liners).
All of the fuel supply lines as
well as the coolant lines are
bundled together and
On the stock tank the vent
was raised to the highest part
of the tank to allow maximum
capacity.  The AN fittings can
just be seen in the middle of
this pic.
In the engine compartment,
the coolant lines are tapped
into the factory heater core
lines.  The yellow wire that
leads to a small stainless
braided section is the probe
for the EGT gauge.
Probably too difficult to see,  
The factory filter was
machined for an -8AN fitting in
place of the removed factory
lift pump.
The Hot Plate final heat
exchanger before the injection
pump. assures the fuel temp to
be over 160 F..
Here we move to the interior
where the system is controlled
by a single switch.  To help
monitor the system there is a
separate fuel gauge for the
SVO tank as well as a oil temp
gauge to read the fuel temp at
the inlet to the injection pump.
As of 09/15/06 we have driven
over 15,000  miles on SVO!
The truck currently has 34,000
total miles.